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Testimonial 42 - Pepita

I had Pepita less than two months when I received complaints from neighbors about her constant barking for hours when I wasn’t home. At three years old, her foster owner was muzzling her to keep her from barking even though she had company from other dogs. Unfortunately, her behavior was …

separation anxiety

Testimonial 25

I had recently gone through a major life change losing a spouse and then moving to a new place where I was renting a room. My 5 year old chihuahua started exhibiting massive levels of separation anxiety to the point where she was hurting herself whenever I left the house …

separation anxiety

Testimonial 15 - Roxy

My husband and I called Mary out of desperation - our 8 month Jack Russell mix puppy, Roxy, couldn’t be left out while we were gone because she destroyed everything in sight, and we couldn’t leave her in her crate because she got really stressed and drooled to the point …

separation anxiety

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