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Testimonial 51 - Baxter

We are so grateful for Mary’s sessions with our dog Baxter. He had taken previous obedience classes, but his behavior did not improve. We adopted Baxter from a rescue about 2 years ago and over the 2 years we had noticed he was extremely skittish and shy. He would cower, …

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Testimonial 40 - Ava, Kaia, and Achilles

I was introduced to Mary through a really good friend of mine. At the time I was dealing with two extremely dog aggressive pups and a 4 pound Chihuahua that was setting himself up to be injured through resource guarding. We started off with individual sessions for all 3 dogs. …

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Testimonial 36

We have taken two classes with Mary, with two different dogs. Both of our dogs are sweet and smart but were unable to focus while in public. Mary’s classes have made such a positive change in both our dogs’ behavior. Instead of holding our dogs back when we pass other …

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Testimonial 21 - BB

Shortly after adopting my Pit Bull mix, BB, I realized that she was uncomfortable around children. This became an immediate problem for me considering I have 6 nieces and nephews. After just one hour session with Mary Huntsberry there was improvement! Mary gave me the tools I needed to help …

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Testimonial 5 - Sunny

Mary helped us to help our new addition to, well, behave! We adopted our dog after losing our beloved pit bull to lymphoma. As experienced bully owners, we did not hesitate to rescue another. In comes Sunny. She was fun loving, so sweet, and came into our house with much …

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