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Testimonial 60 - Pumpkin

Our cat has had issues with urinating on our shoes / laundry / carpet, etc. off and on for years. After trying all the store bought deterrents in the past with limited success, I decided to purchase Mary’s services when I knew that my cat would be moving and that …

inappropriate elimination house soiling

Testimonial 58

Courage, cat owners I’ve always been good with cats: they know I love them and I can usually figure out what they’re trying to tell me. When one of my then 5 ½-year-old male cats began spraying back in November (now 10 months ago), I was stymied. We did everything …

inappropriate elimination house soiling urine marking

Testimonial 31 - TuPaw and Snoop Catt

Testimonial 31I was desperate when I reached out to Helping Pets Behave. In the 9 years I’ve shared my home with my two cats, TuPaw has destroyed 3 sofas and was increasingly refusing to use the litter box. While I had come to terms that as a cat owner, I …

house soiling destructive behavior

Testimonial 26 - Topcat and Isabel

Seven years ago my husband and I adopted two wonderful 4 month old kittens. They were beautiful black and white domestic shorthaired brother and sister. They, as kittens, were intertwined together as they slept and we knew that we needed to adopt both of them so as not to split …

house soiling

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