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Testimonial 66 - Honey

We rescued Honey who was given up twice. When we first got her, we could not leash walk her without our arms and shoulders feeling like they were getting pulled out of our sockets. Honey lunged and tried to attack other dogs, and we could not keep her from barking …

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Testimonial 65 - Agnes

I would recommend anyone who owns a dog to take the handling class. I have owned a dog my entire life and have worked with dogs as a veterinary technician for more years than I am willing to admit. As a veterinary technician and avid dog lover I have …

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Testimonial 62 - Daisy and Sven

Mary has been a lifesaver to me and my two dogs! When I adopted Daisy as my first ever dog, I had no idea what I was in for. She was extremely fear-aggressive with everyone and everything, which led to bite incidents with my roommates. She was terrified of other …

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Testimonial 46 - Lucy and Gracie

I am writing to say how thankful I was to take Mary Huntsberry’s Helping Pets Behave classes. Over the years I had taken classes from pet stores, read books from the library and watched TV shows but none of the information made as much sense to me as the instruction …

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Testimonial 43 - Raylan

I came to Helping Pets Behave when I realized that my dog’s obedient behavior in the house wasn’t coming with us outside in new settings. The Professional Handling for Everyday Obedience class taught me ways to help Raylan deal with his uncertainty around new things and places and how to …

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Testimonial 36

We have taken two classes with Mary, with two different dogs. Both of our dogs are sweet and smart but were unable to focus while in public. Mary’s classes have made such a positive change in both our dogs’ behavior. Instead of holding our dogs back when we pass other …

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Testimonial 8 - Joey

It occurs to me that Joey (the magnificent) and I have taken several courses with Mary over the past 18 months or so. I’ve honestly lost count but know that we’ve participated in 5 or 6, including Hollywood Tricks, Hollywood Tricks II, Backyard Agility, Doggie Come Here (Right Now, Please), …

doggie come here (right now plea professional handling and everyd hollywood tricks backyard agility classes

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