Testimonial 13 - Winnie

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Our high-energy bull terrier puppy, Winnie, fractured her tibia when she was four months old, and had to be confined to her crate for most of the day. She was unable to play with other dogs and only went for short walks. We’re happy to report Winnie has since made a full recovery. However, when meeting new people or other dogs, Winnie got super-excited — almost frantic. She jumped like crazy, and sometimes even nipped at people’s legs.

After taking the Puppies Without Issues class, we’ve noticed a huge change in Winnie. We learned techniques to quickly get - and regain - her focus. We also learned about different exercises we can do with Winnie to stimulate her physically and mentally. 

Mary is great about checking in with each class participant to see what their specific issues/concerns are. I thought the class was a great balance because it combined group instruction with techniques tailored to your specific dog. I was really nervous about how Winnie would do in a class setting – but I was relieved to find out that each dog had its own space during the group class (so they weren’t distracting each other). And Mary’s teaching style is patient, positive – and fun!

I’m excited to sign Winnie up for the Professional Handling class.

Rebecca H. from Baltimore Co., MD

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