Testimonial 61 - Remy

afraid to go outside

We adopted Remy from a shelter after she’d been there for four months and all her puppies were adopted. We knew she was a little shy but didn’t realize the true extent until we had her home for a few weeks. Remy was terrified of the outside world – walking her consisted of her darting around nervously yanking on the leash to steer clear of other people, and flinching every time there was a loud noise. She became so fearful of the outside world she would hide and tremble whenever we brought out her leash. 

With Mary’s help and a lot of hard work, Remy BEGS to go out and whines eagerly with her tail wagging in excitement whenever we ask her to go on a walk. She can now handle visitors in our home and will approach them curiously for treats and sniffs instead of hiding in the corner. 

With consistency, Mary’s recommendations really worked for Remy. The best and most rewarding part has been seeing Remy trust us more. She is more cuddly and sweet than ever before, all because she knows she can trust us to keep her safe and not push her beyond her boundaries. She still has a ways to go, but it’s been amazing to see her confidence grow and we are so grateful to Mary for all her amazing guidance and advice!

Meagan T. from Washington, DC

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