Testimonial 48 - Muffin

heeling helpers

Mary at Helping Pets Behave is an absolutely phenomenal trainer. We learned so much about handling our little Morkie, Muffin. In my opinion, the way to tell if a trainer is good is by watching your dog. Our dog Muffin was so excited when we pulled into Mary’s driveway. She couldn’t wait to be let out of the car with her tail wagging incessantly. That’s the sign. A happy dog means a positive experience. And from the owner perspective, Mary worked with all my children. It was a beautiful family experience and activity. I look forward to continued work with Mary as we go through more training classes with her. Without a doubt, I recommend Mary Huntsberry with Helping Pets Behave. You won’t be disappointed.

Harsha P. from Gaithersburg, MD

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