Kitten Kindergarten

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The most common cat behavior problems seen in a behavior clinic are house soiling, damage to household items, aggression towards other cats and/or humans, and fear. This class is designed to prevent development of these problems while building a bond between you and your cat. Kittens get invaluable feline and human socialization while owners learn everything they need to know about cat care including exercise, enrichment, litter boxes, scratching posts, and much more! Participants will have fun teaching their kitten to sit, come when called, and a trick or two. Acclimatization to carriers and confidence while traveling in a car are additional perks to Kitten Kindergarten. Why should puppies have all the fun?

Prerequisite: A veterinarian must sign a health certificate stating that each kitten has received his or her first set of kitten vaccines before the start of class.

$125 per kitten

  • Ages between 6 to 13 weeks of age (at the time of the class)
  • Limit of 5 kittens
  • 4 sessions