Doggie Self Defense

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If you or your dog have ever had the bejeebers scared out of you by a loose dog, you will want to take this class. Unfortunately, loose dogs are a common occurrence in many Maryland neighborhoods, parks, and trails. These events can be traumatic for many dogs and shows a total disregard to another pet owner's right to safely walk their dog in public. As a result, some dogs become wary of other dogs and can even start to threaten. Don't be a victim! Learn how to prepare and protect your dog from unwanted interactions with a loose OR LEASHED dog. Handlers will also be taught how to recognize when it is safe for dogs to interact, train a calm greeting, and what to do when it's not safe or things go wrong.

For more information, read the article Don't Worry, My Dog is Friendly to better understand how a loose dog can result in unforeseen consequences for both individuals.

$60 per dog

  • Ages 8 weeks and older
  • Limit of 5 dogs
  • 2 sessions