Recommended Training Aides

  • Calming Cap

    This product really does what it claims. It calms an overly stimulated dog. I've had to use it on Scarlett to get her through some tough situations. Unfortunately, other than anecdotal information there is no scientific data on the effect a Calming Cap has on the physiology of a dog. If any one has or knows someone with access to a fair number of dogs, contact me!

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  • Clicker 3 Pack

    When used correctly, clickers are a great tool for shaping and changing behavior. Not all clickers are created equal. Some emit a loud, sharp sound that can scare a sound sensitive dog. I prefer these clickers to box clickers as they make a quite, more pleasing sound to the ears of both dogs and people.

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  • Manners Minder Freestanding Target Stick

    This target stick is so multi-functional it can range in use for training from simple tricks to helping pets over come serious behavior problems resulting from fear of people. You can see from my blog that I use it as mental stimulation for Scarlett but it's also helped her with strangers coming in the house. Similarly, I used this item A LOT when I rehabilitated Mugsy. Can you figure out how and/or why?

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