Recommended Environmental Enrichment

  • Kibble Nibble

    Love, love this toy. It works sort of like the Everlasting Fun Ball and Tricky Treat Ball but way better. On either end of the egg is a hole with teeth that block the food from coming out. As soon as you get this toy out of the package, cut the teeth just large enough for one piece of your dog's kibble to fall out at a time. Be careful not to cut too much as the toy will be way too easy for your dog. Both of my dogs prefer this toy over the Everlasting Fun Ball and Tricky Treat Ball. Another plus, it keeps them occupied for a longer period of time. So far I've noticed they'll work 2 to 3x longer to get the food out.

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  • Tricky Treat Ball

    This ball was one key element to Mugsy's treatment plan. Can you figure out how and why?

    This ball comes in Large or Small but size does matter when it comes to this feeding toy. I use nothing but large baby! It's more challenging and takes longer to empty than the Everlasting Fun Ball (go figure!).

    I can't tell you how great this ball is. It's come in handy in so many ways for so many different reasons. Right now I'm using it as a training aid to teach Cricket that he can be alone in another room while we are running around in the house. Not even 6-months ago I couldn't get him to relax in a different room from myself. For years I ignored this problem but more and more I'm finding that you need to be able to put your dog away and have him be quite. His troubles all stem from puppy-hood. He hated his crate! He would bark, whine, and yelp continuously all night or while I was out of the house. During the same time period, Cricket anxiously whined and barked while locked outside any room I was stationed. Even the bathroom!

    For training I wait until I'm pretty sure he's hungry then I plop him in the bedroom alone with the ball while I do something for a while. First few times he wasn't happy and didn't eat. Now he voluntarily walks into the bedroom for his ball. 9 times out of 10 I hear him rolling his feeding ball around having fun.

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  • Tug-A-Jug

    The Tug-A-Jug is probably one of the most challenging feeding toys for a dog. But there's no dog that can't figure it out! To start you may have to make it easy by removing the rope. You do this to avoid frustration. It's a toy for cryin' out loud! A toy is supposed to be fun, not frustrating! Once your dog is getting a semi-steady flow of food, gradually make it more difficult. I have a small for Scarlett and a super cute extra-small for little Crickers. This toy along with the other feeding toys described are alternated to keep life interesting for my dogs while I'm away.

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  • Twist'n Treat

    This toy can be used in 2 ways. You can put your regular dog food in it and let your dog nudge it until it's empty OR you can freeze wet dog food smooched in both sides and let them spend hours licking it out. For my super active Sheltie, I prefer the freeze method. It takes her an hour to empty this toy. And that's one less hour I have to worry about keeping her busy. Both of my dogs are fed using this feeding toy every day.

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