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I recently assisted in a case where the family pug was snapping at the baby. The owners had no idea why their nice little dog was snapping at the face and hands of their infant. In the video they provided, the dog's pugified communication signals were clear. He was actually extremely tolerant, but when the baby wouldn't go away the pug upped his ante and snapped. Believe me, the baby was put away immediately when he was on the receiving end of a pug attack! Anyway, we played the video in slow-mo to show the owners the clear signals the dog was giving the baby to stay away. Behaviors ranged from leaning away from the child when he came near, lip licking, ears dropping when baby touched him, bulging eyes when the baby pulled his tail. I know, hard to believe a pug's eyes can bulge more than normal, but they totally can! It wasn't until the baby started climbing on the pug that he delivered an extremely inhibited pug snap.

In a different case, the baby was about to pop any day and the owners wanted to know what to do to prevent their little lap dog from leaving paw prints on the babies face when put on the floor. You'd be amazed by the easy and simple things you can do to teach a dog not to bother an infant.

Below are several products I recommend to prevent problems between a baby and dog.

Click here for child educational aids. These fun products will teach your child how to safely interact with a dog.

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