Recommended Animal Behavior Links

  • Animal Behavior Associates

    Drs. Suzanne Hetts and Dan Estep are certified, degreed applied animal behaviorists that have created a number of websites designed to make the latest scientific information available to help you understand and change your pet’s behavior.

    On this website you'll find:

    • a blog
    • how to understand pet behavior
    • prevention and resolutions to pet behavior problems
    • expert education and information based on the sciences of animal behavior and learning.

  • Behavior Education Network

    The Behavior Education Network is THE best online resource for finding the most accurate, up-to-date scientific information on pet behavior. Members have access to presentations, tele-webinars, journal articles, and more! With so much poor information out there, you can't afford to learn from anyone but the best. Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists Drs. Hetts and Estep have created this site devoted to providing the best information to pet owners and professionals.

  • Helping Fido

    This is the dog equivalent to It has every feature Helping Kitty has with the exception that the products are exclusive to dogs. I own or am planning on purchasing most everything on this site. When it comes to dog OR cat behavior, I only trust the experts. Another great site Dan and Suzanne!

  • Helping Kitty

    I love this site! A while ago I signed up for the audio behavior and training tips. I've learned so much just from listening to these 3-5 minute lessons. You'll also find information, strategies and tools you need to understand your cat as well as prevent, manage and resolve problem kitty behavior. This site has a product page (much of which I recommend on this site), a page to look up your cat's issue, and free advice/training tips from animal behavior experts Drs Hetts and Estep.